Electric vs Nitrogen

The Whole Body Cryotherapy Industry is Evolving

Why is the US Cryotherapy Industry headed towards all electric cryo chambers?

Electric Cryo Chamber

Skin & Cabin Temperature 

The only goal of a Cryotherapy chamber is to safely and quickly lower the patients skin temperature by approximately 40F. Some argue that electric cryo chambers don’t get as cold as they need to be to achieve this result, but this is false. 

Electric cryo chambers get as low as -166F and include pre-chambers, similar to space locks, to help maintain temperature. This is all that’s needed to achieve the proper Cryotherapy effect. 

Since electric cryo chambers are fully enclosed and there are many receptors on the patients face/ears, the patient has a colder experience in an electric chamber than they do in a nitrogen chamber where their head isn’t exposed to the cold. 


Some operators spend more than $50,000 a year on liquid nitrogen while electric cryo chambers run as low as $20/day in electricity to operate. 


Never worry about nitrogen being brought in and out of your facility. Never worry about turning away clients because you’re out of nitrogen.

Lifecube Electric


Completely eliminating liquid nitrogen from your facility dramatically improves overall safety. Not just for your patients, but also for your employees. 

A Better Investment

Most nitrogen cryo chambers range from $30,000 to $70,000. With nitrogen costs of $20,00-$50,000 a year, you’re looking at a total cost of up to $320,000 after 5 years. 

Electric cryo chambers also have better after-market value.

With the price of electric cryo chambers at a new low and the technology advancing, the future of the Cryotherapy industry is headed in one direction.

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